Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cleo's Classics

Thinking GREEN these days is global!

We see and hear about it in ads through all media sources. We all know what has happened to our planet. It screams to reverse processes that MUST happen for the generations that follow! The focus of our Gallery is to bring original art work in conjunction with a global consciousness to preserve our planet by recycling.

We grew up in a time and place where not much was tossed. We had no styrofoam cups, microwave ovens, or most of today's conveniences. My father kept tin cans to fill with nails, nuts and bolts in his garage. Mother kept buttons, safety pins and what nots in jars.

Online sellers of unique and collectible items are doing their part by recycling old and unique items. We have been selling online since 1989, and have tracked some of the items we sold in the past, and some of those items moved on to others!

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